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What is The Pond Retreat Center? Seven acres of landscaped gardens, meadows and woodlands that are owned by artist and author Lee James Pantas. The retreat center does not include the residence of Mr. Pantas which is located on the property but does include the spacious front porch.

Where is retreat center located? In Fairview, North Carolina, 15 minutes from downtown Asheville.

What is the purpose of the retreat center and is it affiliated with any organization or religious group?  The purpose is  provide a peaceful, beautiful and inspiring place for small groups or individuals to gather for self-guided retreats, meetings or nature observation. The Pond Retreat Center is made available by Mr. Pantas, is non-denominational and welcomes individuals and groups of all faiths, traditions and points of view, both religious and secular.

When is the Retreat Center available?  April 15  through November 30

How large can our group be? Up to 30 persons

Will our scheduled time slot be shared with other groups? No, however individuals who are on solitary retreats may be present on the grounds.

Can individual persons use The Pond Retreat Center? Yes, but they must reserve a period of time like any group would. Occasionally there may be a group using the grounds at the same time.

Is there an age limit? Yes, 16 years or older.

How large is the retreat center? Seven acres of level and gently rolling meadow and  woodlands.

What are the qualifications for my group to reserve time at the retreat center? To qualify for use of the retreat center, the intent must be to hold a spiritual or religious retreat, writer or artist's workshop, or a gathering or meeting for environmental or compassionate nature-centered organizations. Hunting and fishing groups do not qualify.

Is there a fee to use the retreat center? No, but donations are accepted to help with grounds and facilities maintenance, and replacement of recyclable spoons, forks & knives, plates, cups and paper towels that are provided for and used by guests.

Is spiritual guidance or retreat direction available? No. All groups are self-guided.

Is the retreat center available for overnight stays? No

Are meals provided? No. Retreat groups are encouraged to bring their own food and drink. Running water is available, and eating utensils and mini-refrigerators are provided.

What happens if heavy rain is scheduled for the day of our retreat? Just cancel and reschedule.

What happens if there is a rain shower during our retreat time? Shelter in the main Swallow Garden is provided, as well as umbrellas for guest use.

Are there covered shelters for rain and sun protection? Yes, a large outdoor shelter, gazebo and pergola.

Where is the main gathering area? The Swallow Garden, a former basketball court converted into a raised flower bed garden, is the centrally located main meeting spot on the retreat center grounds.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, on a leash

Is smoking allowed? No

Are bathrooms available? A handicapped porta-a-john and adjacent outdoor sink are on located next to the main Swallow Garden

Are cooking facilities available? Yes, a charcoal grill, two mini-refrigerators, an outdoor sink with running water, a supply of plastic tableware, cups and plates, and picnic tables are located in the main Swallow Garden area.

Are picnic utensils provided? Yes. Recyclable spoons, forks & knives, plates, cups and paper towels are provided for retreat guests

If our group wishes to use the charcoal grill, is charcoal provided? No. Groups must bring their own charcoal.

Is there handicapped parking? Yes




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